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I, Officer Jack Curtsinger have been a commissioned police officer through the state of Washington since 2005. Prior to being a commissioned patrol officer, I served the City of Yakima Jail and the Yakima County Jail as a corrections officer. I currently serve the Yakima Police department as the agencies lead defensive tactics instructor. I maintain certification through Controlled Force as a defensive Tactics instructor. My duties through the Yakima Police Department include developing training curriculum pertaining to defensive tactics for officers, to include shaping departmental policy. Additionally, I oversee physical training of officers through departmental in-service training, to include all forms of physical uses of force (including vascular neck restraints, strikes and the use of impact weapons). I have been consulted for testimony pertaining to officers use of force from outside agencies, to include my review of an officers use of force in the arrest of a combative suspect. In addition to my law enforcement training, I have extensive training and experience in the civilian capacity pertaining to the defensive tactics and mixed martial arts. From an early age I would compete in boxing and kick boxing, extending into my adult life. I have personally trained with professional fighters (mixed martial arts, boxing and kick boxing). Through my training and experience, I  have rendered dozens of individuals unconscious utilizing of neck restraints. Additionally, I have been rendered unconscious on multiple occasions. As such I have devoted countless hours of training and research to the use of application of neck restraints, to include the effects in the human body, the risk of injury involved, the mechanics involved to successfully render another person conscious and the level of physical force needed to complete this process. Below is a timeline of the training I have completed.

Yakima Police Department

November 2005-present

Uniformed Patrol Division 

Washington State corrections Academy


4 weeks of training, certification received

Basic Law enforcement Academy  

July 2005 - November 2005

Certification received

Defensive Tactics Instructor Training


Level 1, 2 and 3 instructor course, certification(s) received.

Police Training Officer Program (PTO)

June, 2009

40 hour certification obtained

Defensive Tactics Lateral Vascular Neck Restraint Instructor Course


Certification received

Controlled Force Tactics

June 2014-july 2014

M.A.C.H holds and techniques level 1,2 and 3
June 2014, Spokane, WA 40 hours of training Cert. received
July, 2014 Tacoma WA, 40 hours of training, Cert. received

Krav Maga Instructor Training


Certification obtained

Black Shirt Lead instructor

May 2017

Integrated Combat in control force certified by Seattle PD.
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