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At Inner Strength Combatives you will learn the art of street survival; after a single lesson, you will feel more safe when walking the streets.  During the classes you will learn about the art of winning, defense against guns, knives and defense from multiple attackers.
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What If

Someone attacked you today? Are you prepared to survive that attack?

Washington State Crime Statistics

Here are some crime statistics for the state of Washington


Aggravated assaults in 2012


Property Crimes in 2012

1 in 17

Chance of being a crime victim in Seattle, WA

We Offer Real World Street Survival instruction

With our instruction you will learn how to handle real life situations, Jack (our instructior) is a Police officer, former competitive fighter, Krav Maga Instructor and a certified instructor at YPD and Seattle police department. Below are a few things you will learn from our Instructor.

Dominate an Attacker

Deflect an attack, damage the attacker, destroy the attacker and disengage if you can.

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Situational Awareness

Learn the color codes of awareness that people live in everyday, keep your head on a swivel, keep your back to something solid and how to avoid a bad situation.
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Close Quarter Attacks

How to survive an attack in an elevator, a vehicle, from your back on the ground and indoor fighting,

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Meet Jack Curtsinger

Jack Curtsinger is a police officer at YPD, he has been a police officer for about 15 years. Jack is a certified police trainer at YPD and Seattle police department, a certified Krav Maga instructor as well as controlled F.O.R.C.E tactics. His goal is to help keep Washington safe, Jack is approaching this goal by teaching people like you how to survive an attack on the streets.
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We're waiting for someone like you

Your next street could be a deadly one, can you survive it? If you're not sure, classes are coming up!
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